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How a PA Letter of Recommendation Can Help Support Your Application

pa letter of recommendation

What Is Your PA Letter of Recommendation?

A PA letter of recommendation is an important factor when applying for a university course as well as PA personal statement. If it has been signed by a lecturer of professor of a related subject, it will give credibility to your PA letter.

Recommendation letters from doctors, nurse practitioners or a head nurse are also permitted.

Sample of a PA letter

    I am proud to have been asked by Malcolm Meyer to write this personal assistant recommendation letter for him. Living in a small rural town, I have known him for all his life. As his past principal in our high school, I have been able to observe his development intensively. He has shown a great aptitude for all subjects as well as good social behavior.

    He has always been helpful and was constantly one of the first to volunteer for social or environmental projects. His work as editor of the school’s newspaper has always shown great results. I would love to recommend him to any institute that is looking for a physician assistant due to his well-balanced character and commitment to society.
Since joining our high school, he has always emphasized his desire to study and work in the medical field.


    Anne Margaret Hatchet

Tips for Your PA Application Process

Follow our simple pieces of advice for a successful application process:

  • Until the CASPA cycle opens in mid-April you cannot submit any recommendation letter, request them early enough to give your lecturers or teachers time to write them.
  • Give the writer a list of details you would like included, without it the recommendation letter might be lacking in content.
  • When in doubt about whom to approach, always choose the person that knows you best.
  • If you do not want to apply during the next CASPA cycle, ask them to write the recommendation letter but hold onto it until you apply. These letters are only valid for one CASPA cycle!
  • They must evaluate you according to reliability, care, maturity, professionalism.
  • Always consider several people for writing your PA letter of recommendation. If one fails to do so, contact the next one.
  • CASPA is only set up to receive three letters of recommendation, choose wisely!

Give the recommender all the possible support he needs, such as:

  • Your PA curriculum vitae
  • Notes about your personal life
  • A picture of yourself via your physician assistant personal statement
  • Any outstanding certificates or awards that are related to the field of expertise
  • A research publication about your work
  • Note three words that best describe you and elaborate on them
  • Send an e-mail that highlights the information that you would like to have included plus

The number of hours you have done volunteer work, your clinical experience and what you learned from it, the aims that you want to achieve by becoming a physician assistant and why you have decided to become a physician assistant.

Once you receive your PA letter check it for errors, especially concerning your name and “physician assistant.” Errors can be corrected by contacting CASPA customer service.

pa letter writing helpDeclining the Right to See Your Recommendation

Waiving your right to see the PA letter of recommendation will weigh heavy on your application because you show that you are confident that the writer will describe you as you deserve. If you do not feel this confidence, then it would be better to ask somebody else! Not waiving these rights for a PA letter does not automatically exclude you from the application process.

How We Can Help with PA Letter of Recommendation

Our expert know how to rewrite an edit your PA letter of recommendation. We know that a lot of students have difficulties with this so we will be happy to help you!

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