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How to Write a Letter of Motivation for PA: 7 Easy Steps

how to write a letter of motivationWhen getting ready with your PA school application you should pay close attention to every detail as it may be the one that will attract the admission committee. Aside from a top-notch PA letter of recommendation, you need also to provide a document which proves you are highly interested in the profession and you are the one to be chosen.

A PA motivation letter is a mandatory document you need to turn in for enrolling in a PA program. It should include your background, your personal achievements, as well as what makes you different from the rest of candidates – think of it as a document that will introduce you to the readers. Knowing how to write a letter of motivation is essential before applying to a PA program. The perfect motivation letter will help you get your foot in the door. What can you do if you don’t know how to write one? Well, you can either google a sample letter of motivation to use as a draft – although it wouldn’t be an original one, and this might be negative for you – or you can look for help to guide you with it.

Steps for How to Write a Letter of Motivation for Your Pa Application

physician assistant letter of motivation sample

  • Opening remarks – Be specific about everything in your sample, the opening remarks of your sample letter of motivation are decisive. Make them attract the reader and compel him to read until the end.
  • Distinguish yourself – What makes you different to all the others applicants? Display it in your PA letter. Let them know why they should choose you and not some other applicant
  • Display excellence – The difference between an excellent and an outstanding applicant is that the outstanding one displays enthusiasm, interest and motivation as well as creativity and intellectual integrity.
  • Show outstanding performance – More important than what you write is how you write it. Do not just tell your story but rather show what you mean by it.
  • Your background – This is the only real possibility in your complete PA application where you can describe your reasons for choosing your specific field of study
  • The drafts – Never will the first PA letter of recommendation be the final copy. Learn how to write a letter of motivation that will highlight you as a viable candidate. For this you will first have to write a sample letter of motivation.

Sample Letter of Motivation

(666) 256-6453
1354 Jacaranda CrescentE-Mail:
48209Detroit , Michigan
December 14th, 2015
The Secretary
Admissions Office
Detroit Medical University
1547 Flamingo Road
Detroit 48212

Re: Assistant Physician Application
Dear Madam or Sir.

My courses in college covered biology, chemistry and physics and I was absolutely fascinated by how nature reveals discoveries by means of experiments and research. Behind each and every discovery made, there is always a story of pure detective work that was necessary to reach the respective knowledge level. Especially interesting has always been the topic of cancer and how it manifests itself in a human body. The complexity of the different kinds of this disease always astounded me just as much as drama it created for the concerned patient. The still unanswered questions absolutely entice me to search for their replies. While I was doing research in the laboratory, I was enthralled by the techniques already available and performing the experiments captivated me.  Because of my enthusiasm I excelled in my group. This is the field of study I want to become an expert in and work with the purpose of finding the elusive answers to the questions still remaining.

Yours sincerely,

Malcom Xavier

What to Avoid in a PA Letter of Motivation

  • Childhood experiences. Avoid these because they will give a childish impression and let the reader believe that you are not ready for the mature, intellectual and professional life that lies ahead.
  • Verbs in connection with “to be”. These verbs are “to be avoided” at all cost. If you used them in your first sample letter of motivation it is fine but replace them in a later version.
  • Quotes. Normally everybody knows the famous quotes and the ones not well known are normally not worth mentioning. Besides, the admission board will want to hear it in your own words
  • Plagiarizing. Nothing is more deadly than being caught with the fingers in the cookie jar. Do not just copy and paste from somebody else’s PA letters, be creative and genuine.
  • Cliches. Try to avoid the commonly used structure when writing your letters. Do not fall into the usual trap of clichés. If they appear in a first sample letter of motivation it acceptable. You will eradicate them in the next version while you work on it.
  • Altruistic motivation. Do not mention for what emotional reason you chose your field of expertise, instead show your intellectual motivation.
  • Religious motivations. If you are religiously motivated, then do not mention it. The admission board is only interested in your personal intellectual motivation. Besides, the reader might be of a different religious opinion and might exclude you due to this.

expert sample letter of motivation

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