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PA Salaries and Career Objectives

If you want to work as a physician assistant, then you might be interested to learn of the career objectives, salaries and related information that make physician assistance one of the most lucrative fields of the modern world.

What is a PA? To start with, a physician assistant is one that works in the healthcare sector and that is licensed to perform his duties as a member of a medical team or as an assistant to a medical practitioner.

pa salaries

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PA History

Physician assistance was introduced by Charles Hudson in the US to the American Medical Association in 1961. He introduced the creation of two new groups of assistants to doctors from non-nursing and non-medical personnel.

So, how much would you expect as salary working as a physician assistant? Here is a quick overview of PA salary at the time of this writing.

  • Median: $107, 268
  • Top 10 percent: $124,000
  • Bottom 10 percent: $62,430

And if you want the highest median salary for PA in the US, where should you move into? It is in Trenton, New Jersey where you could make as much as $111, 075. For the lowest median salary, you should move into Pierre, South Dakota where you could earn as low as $73, 290. Based on the AAPA salary report of 2013, the median PA salary in top industries include,

  • Hospitals, $95,000
  • Outpatient care centers, $93,520
  • University hospitals, $102,000
  • Government, $86,870
  • Offices of health practitioners, $85,000
  • Multi-specialty practice group, $91,400
  • Single specialty practice group, $89,000

Physician Assistant Career Objectives

To obtain a position in a reputable medical facility with the opportunity to develop and enhance my skills and knowledge in the field of medicine.

So if you want to become a successful PA, remember the above things about salaries and career objectives. Now for more help and tips on how to create the most impressive career objectives for PA professionals, don’t think twice in asking help from our experts on standby to assist you in becoming the most successful PA you can be with a great PA objective statement.

Learn about PA salaries and decide if you want to apply for a PA program today!