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Personal Statement – PHYSICIAN ASSISTANT PROGRAM (MS) Sample

With a caring nature and a desire to help others, I was drawn to pursue a career in medicine from a young age. Being born and raised in Bangladesh furthered this desire, as this is a country where care is not readily available, patients do not receive the best standard of treatment and there are many specialties in which we have no or limited numbers of professionals.  Thus, I was motivated to become a driving force for change and serve these underprivileged areas, to advance the health care system to ensure low-income and vulnerable families receive the treatment they need. I realized that physical assistants (PA) are one of the specialists that are in short supply in my home country, despite the fact that they play a significant role in improving the quality of life of others.  After researching the role of a PA, I quickly realized I had found my passion, I was intrigued with the diversity of the role of PA, the ability to save lives through prompt diagnosis and the recommendation of holistic approaches fascinated me.  I wanted to become a part of this inspiring group of medical professionals, to make a difference and improve my patients’ lives. Thus, my desire to become a physician assistant and serve the underprivileged was born.

Unfortunately, my parents were not supportive of my education, not only did they tell me not to continue studying and instead to be a stay at home mother, but they even went onto arrange a marriage for me when I was 19.  Despite this, I refused to allow being a young, married woman to stop me, I continued to pursue my goals. Wanting to achieve the highest level of education, I made the decision to advance my studies in the United States. As this is a country that is considered a leader in medicine, with up-to-date knowledge, modern technology and both personal development and research opportunities, I believed that this would best equip me with the understanding and skills to achieve my dream.  Unfortunately, I found studying abroad very difficult at first, with English as my second language I was struggling to understand and keep up in my work. On top of this I was financially and emotionally unstable, my parents refused to support me financially and our relationship was very poor after I moved to the US, it was an incredibly saddening and trying time.  As a result of this, my overall GPA was lower than expected during my freshman year and while I was frustrated with myself, I used this as motivation to apply myself more to focus on my studies and to do exactly what I had been told not to do, to graduate from university.

Not only have I graduated from university, but I have also placed myself in an excellent position to successful apply for another program with a PA school. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Respiratory Therapist, I have participated in several activities that has increased my understanding of the Physician Assistant profession. This includes serving as a Certified Home Health Aide, providing direct patient care, as well as an internship shadowing nurse practitioners, doctors, and PA’s and a clinical rotation during my respiratory therapy schooling.  From these experiences I have gained more than 4000 hours of experience as a respiratory therapist, 1100 hours of direct patient care, 1100 hours working as a home health aide and a combines 1100 hours of shadowing experience.  Throughout this, I gained the opportunity observe doctors and PA’s during rounds working as a medical provider and deliver direct patient care in Emergency Departments, Intensive Care Units, and other hospital units where patients were having difficulty breathing. This has given me advanced critical knowledge which will prove invaluable in creating and shaping my work ethics as a future Physician Assistant.  Moreover, from these experiences I fully appreciate the overwhelming satisfaction I gain from seeing the smiles and hearing words of gratitude from the patients I have treated, which has made me even more passionate about achieving my goals.

I have learned over the years that a dream needs to be fulfilled, not buried and that to achieve the goals you need to be determined and resilient, as well as flexible and willing to adapt.  I have a thirst for knowledge and a motivation to learn, my training has instilled an exceptional work ethic within me which is essential for this profession, moreover, I am driven to defy the odds and pursue my dream.  I am confident that if I am awarded this opportunity I will excel in my role as a student and go onto become a highly skilled and knowledgable PA who makes a valuable impact on the patients she treats.  I am enthusiastic to take this next step in achieving my goals and I am excited at the opportunity to do this with your highly regarded PA school.