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PA School Personal Statement Samples

Can a Physician Assistant Personal Statement Example Help You?

Getting accepted into your first choice for a PA program is tough and more than 50% of applicants will fail. This is because places are limited and there is a huge amount of competition. Many of the applicants will have very similar experience and grades to you so how your application is written and how you present your information will have a huge impact on your chances of success. The most important part of your application will almost certainly be your PA personal statement so being able to look at a physician assistant personal statement example can provide you with an edge over your competition and help you to understand what they are looking for.

Check Our PA Personal Statement Samples

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PA School Essay Examples Can Help You

PA personal statement samples are a great way to see how other applicants have approached their writing and what areas they have covered. However, care must be taken when using them as you still have to ensure that your personal statement is exactly that personal and about your application. You cannot just copy a physician assistant personal statement example and use it as your own. You can just use it for ideas and guidance for your own writing.

Physician Assistant Personal Statement Example Writing Tips

The following are some PA personal statement tips giving examples of how you should write and what needs to be avoided in your writing:

  • I have always wanted to be a Physician Assistant as it will help me to benefit and serve society” – don’t use clichéd answers that will waste the time of the reader and tell them nothing about you as a child.
  • I know that I will learn a huge amount about …” – don’t state the obvious, your word count is limited and you do not want to waste it telling them something they already know.
  • I was hoping to get into med school but I did not manage to…” – give a reason why you want to attend PA school, never say you want to attend because you can’t do something else.
  • I am a strong leader and can use my skills to benefit your program.” – don’t just say that you have a set of skills, illustrate them with concise examples that show how you have used them effectively.
  • Ever since I played doctors and nurses as a child…” – humor will rarely go down well within a personal statement so do not attempt it.

We Can Help Write Your PA Personal Statement

If you have looked at a physician assistant personal statement example and the different tips and you are still unsure as to how to become physician assistant and how to tackle writing your personal statement we can help you.

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Use our professionally written PA school personal statement samples in order to create your own in the best way!