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Top 10 PA Schools

Before we discuss the best PA schools in town, it’s essential to know what a physician assistant (PA) is. One, before working as a PA, should be state-licensed and nationally certified. These assistants practice and work together with doctors and other types of medical workers. They can also prescribe medicines and practice their profession.

The 10 Best PA Schools

best PA schools

Image credit: hayneswhaley.com

  • Baylor College of Medicine is one of the most notable in the business, being a consistent part of the top nursing schools in PA. It is located in Houston, offering Master of Science PA to study who are trained by qualified professionals.
nursing schools in PA

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  • Duke PA Program is known in the PA field because they can educate and train you with diagnostic and therapeutic patient care using medical specialties and settings. Here, you will also learn performing lab examinations and documenting patient histories.
best schools for physician assistant

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  • University of Southern California (Keck) can offer you with complete training for 33 months. This is one of the most recognized physician assistant programs in the world, with focus on excellence and requiring students to have an MCAT and GRE, complete community service and clinical experience.
physician assistant programs

Image credit: bestmedicaldegrees.com

  • Albany Medical College PA Program should never be forgotten in the best schools for physician assistant because of its consistency in producing the best healthcare providers to top hospitals and clinics in the United States. You can enroll here and complete your training within 28 months for a Master of Science in Physician Assistant Program. Get your training here and become a reliable PA in your community, but make sure to submit your requirements on or before their deadline. For complete details, you may check out more information on this link.
physician assistant programs

Image credit: undergraduate.admissions.gwu.edu

  • George Washington University is another best PA school to choose from if you want complete education and training in this competitive field. Nevertheless, being able to enter it is one of the best accomplishments to have because they are known for housing the most competitive faculty andhigh-endd training materials to use.
nursing schools in PA

Image credit: chanen.com

  • Midwestern University PA Program is also part of the best of the best in physician assistant education because they have a complete and updated curriculum to make you competitive and productive in the industry. Enroll yourself in one of the top nursing schools in PA by getting into the Midwestern University.
best PA schools

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best schools for physician assistant

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  • University of Utah may be for you if you want to have a complete PA training and education to become licensed later. Visit their official site for more details of requirements.
best schools for physician assistant

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  • University of Iowa gives an excellent training, with emphasis on quality patient care. Enroll here and become competitive in this business.
nursing schools in PA

Image credit: emory.edu

  • Emory University offers top caliber education and training, with focus on lab classes, trainings and lectures, and everything you need to become a PA.

If you want to get into one of these programs, you need to submit a flawless PA personal statement. If you don’t have time, you can easily use our personal statement writing service and get proper help.

And once you have completed your studies in any of these schools, you can start practicing with your duties, including taking medical histories, conducting physical examinations and ordering and interpreting tests, among others depending on your work settings, experience level and specialty.

Enroll in the best PA schools today!