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What Bruce Lee Can Teach You about PA Education: 4 Lessons to Survive

Students pursue a PA career for many reasons. For one, it can let them choose and then switch specialties. Others choose it for career satisfaction, job security and prior patient contact hours. In the following, you can check out some important PA personal statement tips and PA personal statement samples to use in writing the PA essay.

pa personal statement tips

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Top 5 PA School Programs

When deciding to enroll in a PA school program, there are several things you need to take into account. Like reading all about PA personal statement tips, writing personal statement for PA, or researching the best school programs. Have a look at the top 5 PA school programs:

  • Duke University: Duke’s physician assistant program is one of the best you can find. Their educational philosophy is based on providing a supportive and creative environment – all you need to become a professional PA assistant.
  • University of Iowa: Their program is highly rewarding. If you enroll in their program, you’ll be able to complete it along with medical students!
  • George Washington University: The PA assistant program they offered is linked with several governmental and major healthcare departments. Their curriculum provides the opportunity to witness the relationship between politics and healthcare.
  • Oregon Health and Science University: Their program enjoys national and international recognition. They are leaders in policy innovation and healthcare reform.
  • University of Colorado: They provide specific training so graduates can learn how to provide medical care to patients all ages. Their graduates have become leaders in the field.

expert pa personal statement tipsCommon Mistakes You Could Make When Making Your Personal Statement

There are a few common mistakes you need to be careful not to make them. For example, not expressing clearly why are you willing to attend can have a negative effect on your application. Also, don’t leave it until the last minute. And remember to proofread and edit your personal statement.

PA Personal Statement Tips

Know why the PA personal statement is essential in the application. Remember, more than half of the applicants aren’t accepted in their chosen programs. A huge factor in failed applications can be in a poorly written personal statement.

So to increase your chances of acceptance, you can check out the following tips in writing:

  • Know the reasons you’re attending. You can think of your professional experiences and try to expand the most important ones. Just choose a few of the topics and organize your paper around these things to show your real interest in the field.
  • Determine your motivation to pursue a career in PA. Write the reasons you’re choosing the PA school and not a medical school.
  • If you’re looking to attend a medical school later, you may want to avoid writing about it in the essay. Also, be certain that you’re attending PA school because it is yours, not your parents] decision.

PA Personal Statement Tips: Questions to Ask

  • What motivated you to apply in a PA school?
  • What are your strengths?
  • What is your personal philosophy?
  • Have you been involved in the community? How?
  • Do you admire certain qualities of physician assistants? What are these and why?
  • What qualities do you already have that make you unique from the rest?
  • Who or what has influenced you the most?
  • How do you see yourself in the future?

Follow these PA personal statement tips to increase your chances of admissions in your chosen PA program. Remember to start writing early, write a couple of drafts, proofread and edit your essay for the best results.

writing personal statement for pa helpHow Can We Help with Your PA Personal Statement

Our services include PA personal statement writing, guidance, and PA personal statement tips. When choosing to work with us, we will convincingly tell your story. Our professional team will proofread it and modify your personal statement as many times as needed!

We also guarantee:

  • Direct contact with our professional writers.
  • If you don’t like the final result, we’ll transfer your money back.
  • We will always deliver your personal statement on time.
  • Be sure that you content will be 100% original.
  • Get in touch with our online service 24/7.

Use these helpful PA personal statement tips from our experts in order to succeed!