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Writing an Effective Physician Assistant Cover Letter

physician assistant cover letter

Cover letters are a brief introduction of yourself that highlights your unique skills and strengths. It is a mandatory document for everyone applying for a job post. However, when searching for a job in the healthcare sector, a cover letter physician assistant as well as PA personal statement should make is a little bit different from the rest.

A PA cover letter covers the candidate’s experience working in the field, as well as their passion for helping patients. This is extremely important as they would be working in the healthcare sector. The physician assistant cover letter is a valuable document as it will help you stand out from the competition. The perfect cover letter will make any potential employer curious about your CV and getting to know you. That’s why you should see it as a way of getting your foot in the door.

Requirements You Need to Know before Applying to a PA Program

Although this profession is very young, the number of open positions has been increasing. However, before you apply to a PA program, there are some requirements you need to know:

  • Have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. Also, some PA programs ask for three years of healthcare experience before joining their course.
  • Take the physician assistant national certifying exam, and pass it, obviously.
  • You have to understand the physician assistant profession.

Write an impressive personal statement before applying, and remember to highlight your passion for the profession.

Common Mistakes You Could Make When Making Your Physician Assistant Cover Letter

physician assistant cover letter samplePutting your thoughts into words can be a tedious task. Either because you’re lacking inspiration or everything seems too intense when you write it down. And, if this wasn’t hard enough on itself, you also need to be careful when writing a physician assistant cover letter. There are some common mistakes that you could make when writing a PA cover letter, so double check your letter before sending it to make sure everything is impeccable.

  • Not searching for a sample physician assistant cover letter, to see how successful candidates have written theirs, can be counterproductive. Looking for inspirations is fine as long as you don’t end up copying another’s person cover letter.
  • Not proofreading your cover letter is a common mistake that can close the door for you. Read over and over your letter to ensure it is flawless, and it doesn’t contain any mistakes. It is useful if you take breaks before reading it, and you can read it from beginning to end. Otherwise, your brain will read it automatically and fail at spotting simple mistakes.

Sample of a Cover Letter for PA

1354 Jacaranda Cresent                     
48209 Detroit                          
December 14th, 2015
Dr. Christian Smith                                         
Medical Supervisor                                                         
Detroit Medical University                                                                                 
1547 Flamingo Road                                                  
Detroit 48212                                                                   

Re: Assistant Physicians Applications
Dear Dr. Smith,

I have recently read about your requirement for a Physician Assistant at your Detroit General Hospital. I see myself as an exceptional contender for this vacancy due to my Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine, certification by the NCCPA (National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants) plus my 3 years work experience in this specific area of expertise. I am absolutely capable of serving the requirements of your hospital.

As I have read in your job description, you are looking for an individual that is highly skilled for the mentioned Assistant Physician position. The below-listed qualities are what describe my professional attitude and abilities the best:

  • Educated and able to read and interpret patients medical history
  • Expertise at ordering and translating diagnostic tests, including blood test and x-rays
  • Physical examinations for checking a patient’s health according to standards
  • Vast experience concerning counsel with patients and their relatives.
  • Experienced in performing physical evaluation according to a patient’s sickness or injuries

Additionally, I display excellent interpersonal and communication skills and a very keen eye for detail. Completing my statements, the enclosed documentation confirms the stated facts about my abilities, education, and experience.

Being a motivated and creative Physician Assistant, I am looking forward to discussing the vacancy in detail and hearing more about your Detroit Medical University. In the following week, I shall contact you by phone to arrange an interview according to with your schedule. Until then, I can be reached at my phone number (666) 256-6453.

Thank you for your consideration and time

Respectfully Yours,


Malcolm Xavier

Attached: Resume

Tips When Writing a PA Cover Letter

Do not write your PA cover letter so much with an eye to it being a PA application; instead, try to make it sound more like an offer of a solution to the respective reader. Use your education, experience, skill set and abilities to display yourself as the solution to the vacancy that you are applying to.

By keeping the focus on offering yourself as the person that will bear the load of work and responsibility as a physician assistant make sure your physician assistant cover letter contains the answers to the following questions:

  • What is your purpose in writing the cover letter for PA?

To express your sincere interest regarding the position and effectively inform the reader of the physician assistant cover letter about it. It is also meant as an introduction to all the attached documents.

  • What are the advantages that you offer to the institute through your PA cover letter?

In your PA school personal statement ensure to mention the position that you are applying for before describing why you are the perfect match for it.

  • Why are specifically interested in the position with this particular institute?

Inform the reader of the cover letter for PA why you chose their organization for your application and that you are absolutely interested in their work. Advisable is to stress the fact why you would be an asset to the employer.

  • How do you plan to fulfill your commitment?

This requires that you to show in the physician assistant cover letter your absolute commitment to the specialty chosen and that you possess the necessary attitude.

pa cover letter helpHow Can We Help with Your PA Cover Letter

Our professional team can help you with your physician assistant cover letter. After you chose the service and talked to the writer, we’ll create the perfect cover letter for you! If that wasn’t enough, our services come with guarantees:

  • We will deliver your cover letter on time
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If you feel that you require our support for writing or editing your physician assistant cover letter, please contact us today on our 24/7 available website!